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ZBrush For Illustrators

Since 2002

Illustration shouldn't be limited to working in just two dimensions. Having 3D in your arsenal can give you an edge with building form for a 2D piece. Using the brush system in ZBrush can add assistance to your 2D work similar to working in Photoshop. Whether in 2D, 2.5D or 3D artist are now given the tools to produce great work in less time.

Truth be told, ZBrush is used in over 27 different industries. ZBrush reaches into everything from concept design for athletic shoes to 3D printing props in Hollywood, concept creature design, 3D environment builds, and the list goes on.

ZBrush is now 16+ years strong

ZBrush was originally meant for illustrators to use as digital painting grew in the late 90's. At the time, 3D was a secondary feature to this aspect. However, with their brush system Pixologic's development gained unexpected praise from an untended audience, 3D modelers. As this audience grew, then came the requests. Pixologic came to the call. Not with what was asked for but what was needed. ZBrush now stands alone and continuesto push the boundaries of the digital realm.

The strength of ZBrush works harmoniously with it's brush system, just one example of what ZBrush can offer. In addition, ZBrush creates a workflow to keep you on the canvas as much as possible. The ZBrush team considers every point of the creation process. This is reflected strongly with the design of the software from the ground up. The UX vs. UI leaps an artist through their work.



Check out this video sample below to see some of ZBrush in action. 

This is my latest Demo Reel of my work. The last 3 projects are still a work in progress. I love my job!!! The Doctor was created for my job and will be used for various projects. The Clown, Rabbit Director (Political Action), And the Fairy Frog are all personal studies for older college projects Please enjoy!