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Virtual Reality


Ryan Darling

Lets start this with a little perspective... Christmas Eve...

Eleven years old, I raced out of my bedroom before my Dad can even finish telling me I can open one present before tomorrow. Immediately, I KNOW which present to grab. Days before I ran to Toy's R' Us with some friends and memorized the height, depth, width and weight for the packaging of the Nintendo Power glove. Just in case there was a fire, I'd know which present to grab. I had asked everyone in my family to give me a Power Glove for Christmas. Without hesitation I ripped through the wrapping and there it was! I was holding my very own power glove. I distinctly remember looking back over my shoulder at my parents with a love in my eyes they had never seen before. I was undeniably the happiest kid. I was about to see popularity from friends other could only dream of. I was so happy, I almost forgot to even open the box. Once I was done dancing I then open the box with surprise to see not foam packaging or cardboard. I take out the contents, "Clothes!?!" And just like that my dreams were crushed. I had wasted my early bird chance to get my power glove. Holding the clothes and few other items, crayons and chocolate, I realized my father had replaced the contents with other gifts. His uncontrolled laughing gave it away. Needless to say I received my Power Glove the next day. I was not impressed.

All-in-all I tried playing with my new glove a total of maybe 5 hrs. It was either unresponsive or too responsive to my hand gestures and ultimately was too hard to use. It definitely served no benefit to my game play. Disappointment was an understatement.

On top of that, having asked everyone for a power glove, I received two gloves; one from my parents and one from my grandparents. I was the proud owner of two very poorly designed game play devices. Thinking one was broke I got to test both with no luck. I was ready for VR. VR just wasn't ready for me.

Fast forward 26 years...

What brought me back and started it all....

I was listening to an interview a few months back with Ash Thorpe and Kirill Chepizhko on The Collective Podcast. Kirill has been working with VR for some time now. In the podcast, Kirill mentions a book that everyone getting into VR should check out. Ready Player one takes place in the near future and follows the story of a kid whole negotiates his way through a complete VR environment on a level even Facebook would admire.

As I write this by the way, I'm sitting on a virtual patio looking over a futuristic skyline. 


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