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Maya 2015 UI & XI


Maya's UI (User Interface) can feel overwhelming at first. It's common to feel clumsy when working with Maya for the first time. Taking the time to go through the layout of Maya will help you to understand the tools better and the logic behind the layout of the program. Basic camera operations can feel a little tricky and yes it is possible to get lost in 3D having no orientation and leaving you in the void of nothing.

These videos will help you to digest the layout of Maya in bit size pieces. 3D software can lead to quick frustration without the right introduction. I'll cover what you will need to know, even if you have never touched Maya before. More importantly I'll cover what you don't need to know Starting out. This will help to keep you focused on quickly bring your skill set to an industry standard.

Once we've covered the overall, we will begin to explore the functionality of the UI in depth as we come across common needs for the tools mentioned.

The Maya Complete Catalog Set includes all Maya videos. That's over 9 hours of content including 1, 2, 3.


All the chapter you see below are included in this box set.  Or pick and choose your topics below.


01 Maya UI&XI Menus: File Menu

There are a few caveats to always keep in mind for working with your Maya Scenes.

Duration: 35min


02 Maya UI&XI Menus: Edit Menu

This video pick up starting with the modify menu. We'll continue this video looking at

Duration:  0hr 00min

03 Maya UI&XI Menus: Modify Menu


Duration:  0hr 19min



04 Maya UI&XI Menus: Create Menu

Duration:  0hr 43min

05 Maya UI&XI Menus: Display Menu

Duration:  0hr 16min

06 Maya UI&XI Menus: Window Menu

Duration:  0hr 00min

07 Maya UI&XI: Channel Box and Layer Manager Panel

Duration:  0hr 00min

Setting up for your first project

Duration:  0hr 00min

Marking Menus

Duration:  0hr 00min


Duration:  0hr 00min


Camera Navigation

Duration:  0hr 00min

Keyboard Shortcuts

Duration:  0hr 00min