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The Bookworm

The Bookworm

Ryan Darling

If you find yourself lost, you've come to the right place!

I strongly believe that if you want to know the most about someone peruse their library. I've underestimated the power of reading my whole life. It wasn't until I graduated college that I realized what my greatest skill obtained really was, the ability to self teach. That was an expensive skill for me to get however it is one that has paid me back dividends since.

My reading interest covers a broad spectrum. I tend to gravitate towards books focused on art. However I try to keep my education hungry for every topic. Science and technology books are great sources for ah ha moments and at the very least keep me current. I actively introduce fiction and poetry into my library, I just sometimes find real life to be most engaging.

"Did you know that your average audio book equates to 1 season of your average 10 episode TV Show?"

With every book you read , the information that you gain gives you a new perspective on idea's and concepts. This mindset challenges the reader at their core. I believe you can't read a lot and not be changed by the information you take in. They say an average person with a Ph.D. reads about 100 books in their field by the time they receive their credentials. Take also into account, both Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were asked what super power they would want most. Both gave the same answer, "To read faster."

With only my iPhone, my Bluetooth Beats and my Audible account,  I've blown through at least twice the amount of books that I read in college. And I'm doing it at a rate far cheaper than my cable bill. It has not only been my way of filling in the blanks of my education, but it has allowed me to excel in my everyday life without skipping a beat.

As an artist, I struggle with the challenge of sitting down to read a book. I do enjoy the information, but I do find it hardest to sit down with a book uninterrupted. So I've had to adapt. I've cut the cable cord and adopted audio books as my new binge. Did you know that your average audio book equates to 1 season of your average 10 episode TV Show? And an audio book at 30 hrs would be like 3 seasons. I went through 3 Seasons of Dexter in like 3 days once. Unlike Dexter, audio books give you the freedom to self educate and entertain without having to stay on a couch watching a screen, ultimately being inactive. 

To think you should live a life without continued study is a big mistake! You need to start think about yourself in terms of what is my value and how can I increase that everyday. The day I decided to go to college was when I was told no one would ever value my high school opinion over the opinion of a college graduate, regardless of the topic.

College is good and books are great! But I truly feel that my early education, both private and public, failed my potential for financial freedom. These books listed and reviewed are from the heart of an artist's perspective and these titles have helped give me balance and awareness in my life, which is why I'm happy to share them with all of you! As I write these blog's I'll be sure to include relative links and materials for you to enjoy. 


- Ryan Darling



Ryan Darling

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