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Click here for the entire Micromesh Library




Micromesh is a great way to produce so many different elements via ZBrush. With just the click of a button you can replace a polymesh with a tillable mesh.

Micromesh are tileable 3D models that can range from all types of designs, both hard surface and organic.  Micromesh objects allow you to quickly achieve patterns with the click of a button. These utilize 3D tillable designs replicated over a polygon surface.  As a result you can generate patterns along the polygonal form. Beyond that, you can use these to also export 2D textures such as texture maps, normal maps, and Alphas.

Micromesh is extremely powerful! Micromesh gives the user the ability to populate the individual polygons of an object with a 3D model.

Click here for a free tutorial on how to use micromesh and check out my free micromesh samples here.

Uses for micromesh cover so many possibilities with design. Once you start to see the world in patterns, a single tile can give you the edge saving you precious time on your pipeline.

Try testing a few for free! There are dozens to choose from starts at just $.50 a piece, bundle sets are here! See Below! If you want to make a request for one. Email me and I'll send you a copy when I can get to it.